EMAX Participated In The Tool Japan Show At Int's Hardware & Tools Expo Tokyo

EMAX participated in the Tool Japan Show at Int's Hardware & Tools Expo Tokyo from October 11th to October 13th, 2023. The exhibition presented a great opportunity for EMAX to showcase its various products and services related to non-standard hardware parts.



BOOTH No: 27-12

DATE:2023-10/11- 10/13



EMAX specializes in customizing and processing non-standard hardware parts like rod line hardware, sheet metal processing, agricultural machinery components, furniture hardware, and automotive spare parts. The team at EMAX uses state-of-the-art technology and equipment to ensure precision and quality in their work.


The exhibition was attended by several industry professionals and potential clients who were interested in EMAX's product offerings. The team welcomed the visitors to their booth with warm hospitality and provided them with comprehensive information regarding their products and services.


EMAX received an overwhelming response for its customized products and services. The visitors appreciated EMAX's commitment to delivering quality and precision-driven solutions.


The Tool Japan Show provided an excellent platform for EMAX to connect with its clients and potential customers. The exhibition was an opportunity for the team to showcase their expertise in the industry and gain recognition for their hard work and commitment.


EMAX would like to thank all its visitors for their interest and support during the exhibition. The team looks forward to continuing its efforts to deliver high-quality and customized solutions to clients across various industries.


Created on:2023-10-10 09:00