EMAX to participate in Japan Hardware Show in October

Our company will participate in the Tokyo International Hardware & Labor Exhibition 2023 in October.The exhibition will be held from October 11th to 13th, during which we will mainly present our latest products and services.

This exhibition is the first one that our company attends after the epidemic and it will be held in Chiba, Japan, which attracts a lot of attention from visitors and industry experts.

In the display of exhibits, we have selected products that represent our core productivity and new designs, aiming to attract more visitors to stop by and ask questions. At the same time, we also have the service of providing personalized consultation and solutions for our exhibitors.

We hope to have in-depth exchanges and cooperation with a number of well-known companies in the industry during this exhibition, and discuss the direction of industry development and technological innovation.

Finally, we hope that through this exhibition, we can not only expand the company's market influence, but also enhance the communication with customers and enterprises in the same industry, laying a solid foundation for future development!


Created on:2023-09-04 15:34