How to choose hardware accessories when decorating? How important are hardware accessories?

1. Classification by material
We usually have different materials for common hardware, so we should classify them according to the materials.
The first is copper hardware, which is very common, with moderate price, retro color and good wear resistance.
The second one is made of zinc alloy, which is very durable. It can be said that the brighter you use it, the better the strength and corrosion resistance, and you don't need to worry about the color after you use it for a long time.
The third is the hardware made of aluminum alloy, which is also very common. It can be bought on the market at will. The biggest advantage is that it does not rust. But this kind of hardware is easy to deform, and its strength is not very large. But the metal of this material is also relatively strong, that is to say, a lot of shapes can be shaped in the process of processing and production.
The fourth is ceramic hardware. Although this kind of hardware is very beautiful, its toughness is not high and its hardness is good.

Created on:2020-03-08 22:54