Function and selection of cabinet hardware accessories

Functional cabinet hardware refers to hardware accessories used to achieve certain functions, such as connectors, such as hinges and drawer rails. Among them, if the hinge wants to stand the test of time, it must not only converge the door cabinet, but also bear the weight of the door alone; the other drawer slide cannot be ignored, it is initially placed in all the weight drawers, only the high-quality drawer slide, and the drawer can be pulled easily. Therefore, the selection of these hardware accessories must be of good quality.
To purchase functional hardware accessories, first, carefully observe whether the appearance is rough, and then his hand sliding switch test several times to see whether it is comfortable and whether there is abnormal noise. Instead of comparing with furniture hardware, it needs to compare with similar products, and again depends on materials. The materials used are relatively good. Choose manufacturers with long business history and high attitude as far as possible.
In addition, decorative cabinet hardware accessories, such as cabinet handle, should be considered and furniture color, texture coordination. Cupboard handle should not use solid wood handle, otherwise in the humid environment, the handle is easy to deform. Solid wood cabinet can choose archaize to make old handle, the effect is very good.
It is easy to ignore the selection of parts and accessories of consumer hardware products, the tendency of identification and verification to introduce general types of metal market, comprehensive reference materials, for consumers, comparative selection is a more practical approach.
(1) Hinge: the number of cabinet door opening and closing is thousands of times, so cabinet door hinge is very important. Practice has proved that according to the nature and accuracy of the cabinet door used, it is difficult to meet the necessary quality requirements with the domestic cabinet hinge of the weight of the kitchen door itself.
A: heitishi, a fast Barron hinge imported from Austria, Mepla, "Haifu", a famous brand in the world, such as Ferrari, has been widely used as the main furniture in the world. It has been proved that the quality is reliable. The domestic price is higher than 150% - 800%.
Group B: the vast majority of the market use domestic brand cabinets with hinges. The main starting point of the use of poor quality hinges by cabinet companies is to reduce the manufacturing cost of cabinets. The low price of cabinets is the main means of competition.
In the process of frequent opening and closing of cupboard door at ordinary times, the best test is probably a hinge. It is not only necessary to connect the cabinet and the door accurately, but also to bear the weight alone and the number of times that the door of the locker has been tens of thousands of times. It is also necessary to keep the same door, or in a certain period of time, it may be back and forth. If it is not for the perfect performance of "iron and steel" and flexibility, it is difficult to undertake this important task. High quality brands in the world, Austria Bailong, heitishi, heifule, glass, etc. belong to the first camp.
(2) Drawer slide: the importance of cabinet slide is second only to hinge. Cabinet slide companies use hinges of similar price. About 95% of cabinet companies use low price and low quality products. In comparison, the advantages and disadvantages are not distinguished from the appearance and use. Their main differences are material, principle, structure, equipment, production process, such as different changes.
Due to the special environment of the kitchen, the slideways produced in China are generally difficult to meet the requirements. Even if you feel good in the short term, you will find it difficult to push or pull for a little longer. So if you want to ensure the drawer to push and pull for a long time, you should choose the imported brand with superior performance.
(3) Skirting board: it is often ignored. In fact, the first problem of the cabinet may be it. Because it is closest to the ground, if the ground is very wet, it is likely to swell and mildew. There are two kinds of skirting board: Wooden skirting board and frosted metal skirting board. Wooden skirting board manufacturers generally use the leftover corner waste when making cabinet body, with low cost. But because the distance between the skirting board and the ground is very close, the wood material is easy to absorb water and become damp, and the water vapor will rise along the skirting board and endanger the whole cabinet body. This is why some ambry uses a period of time hind ground ark one end can "fat". The imported frosted metal skirting board with waterproof rubber is recognized by experts as soon as it enters the Chinese market. It is not only waterproof, moisture-proof, mildew free and rust free, but also beautiful and durable, and will not be damaged for life.
(4) Pull basket: the items in the kitchen are the most frequently contacted by us every day. The utensils in the kitchen are also the most variety in our daily life. Three meals a day can't do without the in and out of the kitchen and the moving of pots and pans. How to establish a good life order in such a frequent space is the trouble many families face. And this kind of trouble can only be solved by pulling the basket, a broad-minded person with lofty ideals, who will take all kinds of things into his arms without any complaint. The basket has a large storage space, and can be reasonably divided into spaces, so that all kinds of items and appliances are appropriate. In this respect, Germany's big monsters and small monsters are more outstanding. They can not only maximize the use of built-in space, but also make full use of the abandoned space around the corner to maximize the use value. According to different uses, pull basket can be divided into furnace pull basket, three side pull basket, drawer pull basket, ultra narrow pull basket, high deep pull basket, corner pull basket, etc.
(5) Steel drawing, knife and fork plate: steel drawing, knife and fork plate are accurate in size, standardized, easy to clean, pollution-free and deformation free. They are irreplaceable for the maintenance and use of cabinet drawers. They have been widely used by Cabinet Companies in Germany, the United States, Japan and other developed countries for a long time. Therefore, when you have a rough look at the exterior of the cabinet, you should open each drawer

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