Introducing Welding Robot to Emax Represents China's Enterpreneurial Revolution on Industry

Last week, welding robot was introduced to our own factory, which means Emax Industrial Co.,Ltd has developed to a new era. Not only for the reason that plenty of labors will work more easier, but also for the reason that welding technique improves higher than before.



Welding robot is an industrial robot engaged in welding(including cutting and spraying). Robot and welding equipment constitute the whole welding robot. It consists of robot and welding equipment. The robot body and controlling cabinet constitute the first part—robot(hardware and software). The welding equipment, taking arc welding and spot welding for example, is composed of welding power supply, welding gun and so on.

Traditional welding is controlled by labors, so it definitely exists rough welding in workmanship. By digital production of welding robot, welding quality becomes more controllable. because of the convenience, welding robot has been used in various field.

Created on:2020-04-17 17:03